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Angelo, Henry

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He was the son of the riding and fencing master Domenico Angelo (1717?-1802), whose “L’école des armes” was published by Dodsley in London, 1763. The elder Angelo was a friend of Garrick, and Henry Angelo in his “Reminiscences” (London, 2 vols 1828) offers a considerable amount of information (not always reliable) about the London theatres and his family’s relationships with Garrick and his contemporaries. De Wilde’s painting (G0012) pictures Angelo in his only performance on the London stage, at the King’s Theatre on 29 March 1792, although he appeared as an amateur actor in various private theatres. In addition to his “Reminiscences”, Angelo also published “Instructions for the Sword Exercise” (1835) and “Angelo’s Pic Nic; or, Table Talk” (1834). For more about him see J. D. Aylward, “The House of Angelo; a Dynasty of Swordsmen” (1953).
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