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Clocks: CL0012


White marble mantel clock


Mixed media



Height: 37.5cm
Width: 42.5cm
Depth: 18cm

Other materials

White marble; ceramic face; glass with brass surround; ormolu feet; brass mechanism


"CHAS. FRODSHAM / CLOCK MAKER TO THE QUEEN / 84 STRAND / LONDON" (painted on face); "SF / 24" (painted top of face); "CHS. FRODSHAM / CLOCK MAKER TO THE QUEEN" (engr. on verso of mechanism); "4522 / 28.5" (serial number engr. on verso of mechanism)

A striking mantel clock with a white marble drum and pedestal case.This one is similar in style to CL0013 in the Cocktail Bar, in that they are both housed in matching marble cases of the same type as the fire-place they sit on. This would suggest that like other clocks in the Garrick Club they were produced by him, presumably for the new Club House. The clock has a serial number of 4522 which does indeed suggest it was supplied shortly after the opeening of the club house in 1864. However this is not the case for the one in the Morning Room in which the mechanism seems to have been replaced by a French one supplied by Frodsham at a later date.
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