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Paintings: G0031


Charles Bannister


Oil on canvas



Steady : The Quaker



Height: 90.2cm
Width: 69.8cm


Charles Mathews

Other number

Mathews 8
RW/CKA 470

Exhibition history

1833 London, Queen's Bazaar, Oxford Street, "Mr Mathews's Gallery of Theatrical Portraits" (8)

Engraving history

Anon. For the European Magazine, pub. J. Asperne 1 December 1804, stipple 9.2x7.9


Fitzgerald, p. 238

Bannister wears a brown Quaker suit. His curly wig is largely hidden by a black tricorn hat. He holds his hands in front of him with fingers intertwined and thumbs together; the attitude of the hands was particular to the part of Steady. Wageman's 1820 drawing of Incledon in the part shows exactly the same pose. That drawing was sold at Christie’s on 15 March 1977 (lot 83); it was engraved by Woolnorth for Oxberry’s “New English Drama”, 1820.
“The Quaker” was first performed at Drury Lane on 7 October 1777, with Bannister as the original Steady. He was still playing the part twenty years later; his last performance of the role was at Drury Lane on 12 February 1798.
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