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John Philip Kemble's travelling cork screw


Mixed media



Height: 9cm
Width: 15cm
Depth: 3cm

Other materials

Steel in leather, felt and silk case, with paper label pinned in. Dimensions are for open case


""JOHN PHILIP KEMBLE / I. F. FROM H. K. 1890" (embossed on lid); "John Philip Kemble's Corkscrew. Henry Kemble, who gave it to me, said it was given to him by Fanny Kemble, who told him John P Kemble always carried it with him when travelling. James Fernandez." (pen & ink inscription on paper inside)


John Philip Kemble; Fanny Kemble; Henry Kemble, by whom presented to James Fernandez in 1890. At some point it is given to Mrs Julia Nightingale, by whom presented to te Garrick Club, 2006

Other number

Gift 1059 [a substantial collection of material chiefly relating to Fred Terry and his circle]
  • 2568
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