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Birch, Christina Ann

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Born in Lincolnshire in 1765, Christiana Ann Birch was the daughter of a surgeon and the grand-daughter of William Frye, president of the Council of Montserrat. She was a newcomer to the Liverpool-Manchester company in 1786, where she met the actor William Macready (1755-1829). She became his first wife at the Collegiate Church in Manchester in June 1786. Among her roles was Julia in “The Rivals”. The Macreadys moved to London in September 1786, he to take up an engagement at Covent Garden, she to settle down as a housewife and mother. Among her three surviving children was William Charles Macready (1793-1873), who became an eminent tragedian (G0450, G0451). She died at Sheffield on 3 December 1803.
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