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Bowden, Wright

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Born in 1752, the son of a publican in Manchester, Bowden made his first appearance on any stage at Covent Garden Theatre on 18 October 1787 in the title role of “Robin Hood” (G0087) and was greatly applauded for his ‘deep tenor’ voice. After playing the role 29 times that season, Bowden went to act in Ireland and Scotland, and did not return to London until 2 May 1794, when he again performed Robin Hood at Covent Garden. He remained at that theatre for three seasons, appearing in such singing roles as Ferdinand in “The Duenna”, Sileno in “Midas” and Fairlop in “The Woodman” and singing patriotic speciality songs. In 1797 he resigned from Covent Garden and went to play that summer at Richmond, his last theatrical engagement. He then became a stockbroker. Bowden died on 16 April 1823 at the age of 71 and was buried in St Mary’s churchyard, Manchester. He was respected for his singing but not for his acting. In addition to the portrait of him as Robin Hood at the Garrick Club, a small watercolour by W. Loftis of Bowden in that character is at the Folger Library. (BDA)
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