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Fladgate, Francis

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The barrister Francis Fladgate was elected to the Garrick Club in 1832. In his “Ace of Clubs”, Richard Hough regards him as one of the ‘founder’ members. He inherited a ‘modest fortune’ from his father, an attorney in Essex. Fladgate practiced little law and spent a great deal of his time at the Garrick during his some 60 years as a member. Called ‘Papa’ Fladgate because he guided the Club through its early difficult years, he revelled in telling stories of his associations with Kemble, Siddons, and members of the School of Garrick. When he died in 1892 he had spent most of his money on acts of kindness and generosity. He was described by fellow member the Reverend Richard Barham as ‘one of the most polished gentlemen and good-natured persons I ever met.’
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