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John Baldwin Buckstone





Launcelot Gobbo : The Merchant of Venice


Baxter, Charles [ Attributed to ]


Height: 12.4cm
Width: 10.1cm

Other materials

Watercolour on ivory


Bought by Richard Bebb from an antique shop in Finchley, c.1967

Engraving history

Lithograph from a daguerreotype by J. J. E. Mayall, published as a plate to John Tallis’s Drawing-Room Table Book another impression published by London Printing & Publishing Co

Gobbo stands full-length in a Venetian street; a canal and church are pictured. He appears to be counting with his left hand the fingers on his right hand. He wears reddish-brown knee-breeches, white stockings, and a green jerkin.
Buckstone spent the early part of his career, 1824-1847, at the Coburg Theatre, and then joined Terry’s company at the Adelphi. For some years he was engaged winters at the Adelphi and summers at the Haymarket. Buckstone, who was a creditable manager of the Haymarket Theatre from 1853 to 1876, acted a number of comic and rustic roles, including the First Witch in “Macbeth”, Tony Lumpkin, Bob Acres, and Scrub. He also wrote some 200 plays, most now forgotten. Buckstone became a member of the Garrick Club in 1854. His ‘ghost’ is said, by many, to haunt the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.
The miniature was sold as by Baxter, but the artist’s name is not indicated on the Tallis lithograph.
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