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Miniatures: B0168


Sir John Martin-Harvey






Height: 8.9cm
Width: 5.8cm
Depth: 0.8cm

Other materials

Enamel in oval brass frame


Bought by Richard Bebb from an antique shop, High Street, Warwick, sold as Laurence Harvey. Presented to the club as part of the Bebb collection, 1997

Related works

Similar to the photograph reproduced in Nicholas Butler, “John Martin-Harvey” (Mid-Essex Printers, 1997), pl. 43

The sitter is shown in private life, half-length, facing right, wearing a grey coat, blue cravat, and a white collar.
Martin-Harvey became a member of the Garrick Club in 1919. A handsome and distinguished actor-manager, he was knighted in 1921. Though he acted a number of leading romantic roles, he was most closely identified with that of Sydney Carton in “The Only Way”,an adaptation of “A Tale of Two Cities”, which he first acted on 16 February 1899 at the Lyceum Theatre, and continued to play until the end of his life.
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