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Miniatures: B0170


Julia Emilie Neilson in character






Height: 6.5cm
Width: 5cm

Other materials

Watercolour on vellum in a brass frame; oval

The red-haired sitter, half-length, faces right, and wears a pink dress with a low scooped bodice and a lace cap.
Julia Neilson was the wife of the actor Fred Terry (1863-1933), who was the son of the actors Benjamin and Sarah Terry. Among Julia Neilson’s many successes during her fifty years on the stage were Drusilla Ives in “The Dancing Girl”, Hester Worsley in “A Woman of No Importance”, and Princess Flavia in “The Prisoner of Zenda”. Her final appearance was as Lady Ruhven in “The Widow of Forty” in 1944. She and her husband formed a company and toured Britain and in 1900 entered into London management. This joint management at various theatres lasted some 30 years. Neilson had a remarkable singing voice, and songs for her were often introduced into her productions.
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