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Clocks: CL0001


A nineteenth century bracket clock


Mixed media



Height: 39cm
Width: 30.4cm
Depth: 19.5cm

Other materials

Wood case with red cloth inlaid decorative panels; brass handle, feet and face surround; glass verso of case; Roman numerals on face


"BRADSHAW. / TRESCOTT" (painted on face); "D.D. CAROLUS OLDHAM 1899" (engr. on brass plaque on right hand side); "7940" (engr. on mechanism); "765/01" (scratched on verso of mechanism); "H.B. 1900" (initials on verso of mechanism); Roman numerals on face


Presented to the Garrick Club by Charles Oldham, 1899

Other number

Gift 270

A large bracket clock of a style that could date from the first half of the nineteenth century. The date and initials scratched onto the back of the mechanism presumambly refer to a refurbishment undertaken immediately after its presentation. It was originally presented to be placed in the Smoking Room, and although the name of the room has changed, the clock is still there.
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