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Clocks: CL0009


An old English pedestal clock


Mixed media



Height: 47cm
Width: 37.5cm
Depth: 17.5cm

Other materials

Rosewood; glass, with brass rim, silvered face


"CHAS. FRODSHAM. / CLOCK MAKER TO THE QUEEN. / 84 STRAND. / 1212." (engr: on face); "C. Frodsham, / 84 Strand / 1212." (engr: on verso of mechanism)

The clock is in the form of a drum resting on a scroll on a pedestal. It is serial number 1212 - the matching clock in the porter's lodge is 1211, suggesting the two were bought by the Club from Frodsham at the same time. The serial number is also very early dating the clocks close to 1831 and the furnishing of the first Club house on King Street.
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