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Clocks: CL0014


A slate cased mantel clock


Mixed media



Height: 26cm
Width: 21.7cm
Depth: 14.4cm

Other materials

Slate case; ceramic dial, brass rim behind glazing, brass mechanism with internal copper drum


"CHAS. FRODSHAM / TO THE QUEEN" (painted on face); "SF / 14" (top of face); Roman numerals round dial; "J.B.D" (engr. verso of mechanism); "CHAS FRODSHAM / CLOCK MAKER / TO THE QUEEN / PARIS" (engr. verso of mechanism); "27488 16_2" (serial number engr. verso of mechanism); "971KA" (scratched into verso of mechanism)

A striking mantel clock with a black slate case. The serial number 27488 and inscription "PARIS" on the face suggests this is in fact a French clock sold by Frodsham in London, perhaps as late as 1915. Unlike other Frodsham clocks in the Garrick it was not bought by the Club to furnish the new Club House in 1864.
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