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Paintings: G0073


William Blanchard


Oil on panel



Marquis de Grand Chateau : The Cabinet



Height: 25.3cm
Width: 20.8cm
height (frame): 33cm
width (frame): 28cm


Charles Mathews

Other number

Mathews 139
RW/CKA 234

Exhibition history

1833 London, Queen's Bazaar, Oxford Street, "Mr Mathews's Gallery of Theatrical Portraits" (139) 1997 London, Dulwich Picture Gallery, "Dramatic Art Theatrical Paintings from the Garrick Club" (23)

Engraving history

William Ridley for the "Monthly Mirror pub. Vernor & Hood 30 April 1805, stipple 8.6x7.2 (bust in oval)

The scene is Act I, scene 2, the Grand Saloon of the Castle of Count Curvoso, who wishes to marry his daughter to the Marquis, "a rich old nobleman". The marquis enters "most elegantly drest" preceeded by Mannikin, his Italian page, and followed by six "Gentlemen in splendid liveries". The marquis wears a brown jacket lined in pink, with pink cuffs to match. Under his left arm is a pink tricorn hat trimmed with feathers and silver lace. He has a curiously mannered wig and white gloves trimmed with fur. Whereas he is shown here about to view his prospective bride through his eye-glass, in the oval bust engraved by Ridley the eyeglass rests on his waistcoat.
Dibdin's three-act comic opera was based on an old ballad called "The Golden Bull" and was given for the first time at Covent Garden on 9 February 1802, with Blanchard as the original Marquis de Grand Chateau. The production was given 30 times in its first season. See also G0477 and G0750.
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