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Miniatures: G0745


Sarah Siddons






Height: 15cm
Width: 10.7cm

Other materials

Watercolour on wove paper; oval


"Mrs SIDDONS / By Horace HONE A. R. A. / FROM A PAINTING BY LAWRENCE OF BATH 1782" (pen and ink with watercolour on mount b.)


Sophie Andrae, by whom presented to the Garrick Club, 1978

Other number

GCL 736C
Gift 883 [with G0936 and a letter from Sarah Siddons to Lord Avon]

Related works

Pastel portrait by Lawrence, location unknown, engr: Anon. for the “Westminster Magazine” pub. John Walker 31 January 1783, line 14.5 x 9.5 (‘From a crayon painting in her own possession’); Francis Jukes pub. F. Jukes 15 May 1783, aquatint 30.5 x 24.45

Mrs Siddons is shown head and shoulders looking to left. She wears a large black hat trimmed with black ribbons and feathers, and a pale blue-grey riding habit with a white stock.
The work does not appear to be of sufficiently high quality to be by Hone, and is likely to have been copied from the aquatint by Jukes. It was mounted in the late 19th century with a letter from Mrs Siddons to Lord Avon and a coloured woodcut showing her birthplace, the Shoulder of Mutton Inn at Brecon (See G0936).
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