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Phyllis Neilson-Terry





Nell Gwynne : Sweet Nell of Old Drury
Nell Gwynne : Sweet Nell of Old Drury



Height: 16.5cm
Width: 12cm

Other materials

Watercolour and gouache on vellum


"'Two versions of Nell Gwynn.' Miss Phyllis Neilson-Terry as 'Nell Gwynn' with a poster as background showing Julia Neilson in the role. by Miss Kate Chandler-Thomson F.R.S.A., V.P.R.M.S. Water colour, part gouache on vellum. Very sensitive to relected or full light. Otherwise permanent." (inscr. On label on verso. The name of the artist is printed and the Miss and ate of Kate have been crossed out.]


Presented to the Garrick Club by Mrs Julia Nightingale, 2006

Other number

Gift 1059 [a sustantial collection of material chiefly relating to Fred Terry and his circle]

Julia Neilson had first played the role of Nell Gwynne at the Haymarket Theatre on 30th August 1900. Her daughter Phyllis first played the role whilst on tour in South Africa during 1927-28. She later appeared in the role at the Prince's Theatre in March 1934, and finally in December 1937, this time touring with Donald Wolfit's company.
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