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Catherine Stephens


Oil on canvas




height (canvas): 77.5cm
width (canvas): 64.8cm
height (frame): 91cm
width (frame): 77cm


Purchased from Miles Barton in 2014.

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G0744 and G0775 also relate in some way to this finished oil portrait.

Pocock’s “Rob Roy Macgregor”, set in Scotland in the early part of the 18th century, concerns the imminent demise of the financial house of Osbaldistone and Co. The Lacy edition of the play, which includes the 1818 cast list with Catherine Stephens, describes Diana Vernon's first-act costume as "Plaid silk open dress, high-heeled shoes and broad bows, short full sleeves, lace ruffles," and dates the period "from 1700 to 1715." In Harlow's portrait Diana Vernon wears green silk trimmed with gold, rather than plaid silk, and a loose open-necked chemise. She is shown in her father's library, which is clearly rather grand, with a gold column to the left, wrapped about with a red and gold band with tassels. There is blue drapery bottom left and a vague arch to the right.
Pocock's operatic drama in three acts, with an overture by J. Davy and "music composed and selected, chiefly from Old Scottish Airs by Mr. Bishop and Mr. Davy," was first performed at Covent Garden on 12 March 1818. Catherine Stephens was the original Diana Vernon. That season there were 34 performances of this adaptation of Scott's novel (published in 1817).
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