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Design of costume for Troilus from 'Troilus and Cressida'


height: 17.8cm
width: 11.5cm

Other materials

Pen, Ink, gouache and watercolour.


'Troilus & Cressida/ Troilus/ In battle scenes/ a sword is worn/ slung over right/ shoulder on a chain./ The scabbard is Rose pink to match boots/ fillings hit & chain gold. See "Aeneas"/ White tunic. Pale pink, felt cuirasse embossed/ silver./ Silver helmet with pale/ pnk Cock's feathers./ Pink felt boots bordered &/ turned down with silver'


Donated to the Club by Donald Sinden in 2012. See works of art minutes for MONTH 2012.

One of a group of designs for costumes for various plays, donated by Donald Sinden in 2012. This depicts a man in pink Roman armour with plumed helmet and pink felt boots
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