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Garrick, David


height (case): 4.5cm
width (case): 3.5cm
height (leaf): 2.6cm
width (leaf): 2.1cm


This miniature may have been commissioned by the actor to give as a gift to Mrs. Garrick, as there is some evidence to suggest that the object was in the family collection. The style of painting indicates that the artist was French or trained by a French artist and it bears some resemblance to portraits by both the English artist Robert Dighton and the French artist Charles-Nicolas Cochin, after which there are a great many etchings and engravings. Purchased from Peter Schweller, December 2019

Other number


Miniature painting of David Garrick in Profile wearing a burgundy jacket. Housed in a small ovoid shaped leather case with a brass clasp (intact) and green velvet lining
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