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Therese dans Mazet



Therese : Mazet





height: 10.2cm
width: 8.8cm

Other materials

Watercolour, gouache and silver paint on vellum


THERESE / dans Mazet


Purchased from Motley Books, July 2021.

Other number


Miniature painting by Jean Louis de Faesch, depicting the character of Therese in 'Mazet', a "comédie mêlée d'ariettes" (opéra comique) with music by Egidio Duni and libretto by Louis Anseaume. The image presumably depicts Madame Favart who originated the role at its premiere at the Comédie Italienne in 1761.

This type of portrait of actors in character came into fashion in Paris during the 1720s, initially on enamel and ivory, and later on vellum. This fashion passed to England thanks to the relationship between the French actor Lekain and David Garrick. The success of these paintings led to a published edition in 1770 of 24 portraits, titled ‘Dramatic characters, or Different Portraits of the English Stage’. A French version was published around the same year: ‘Les Métamorphoses de Melpomene et de Thalie, ou caracteres dramatiques des Comédies Francaise et Italienne’.

This image of Therese does not seem to have appeared in 'Les Métamorphoses...'. It is not yet known if or where it was published.
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