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Letter by John Galsworthy


Mixed media





Height: 54cm
Width: 32cm
Depth: 31cm

Other materials

Double sided letter (25x20) in a mahogany revolving frame on a stand. It was de-framed in 2015 and the letter removed to the Library Collections.


"Flat A 1 Adelphi Terrace House Robert Street Adelphi WC / July 4 1917 / Dear Mr Harwood, Thank you very much for your kind letter about my play. It was good of you to write. / It would want about six weeks to advertise itself to the very dense British public, and it is not likely to get that time. Better than becoming popular through being damned in the Daily Mail, will be to stop writing plays altogether. I have written eleven, and have never had a financial success in London yet and never hope to. One cannot go on losing money for managers indefinitley, and unless some form of literary or repertory theatre with a secure foundation, that can afford to go its own way, can be established after the war, this dramatist will say Farewell, London! With all good wishes, Yours sincerely John Galsworthy Infin dictation to my wife." (text of letter); "ORIGINAL LETTER BY JOHN GALSWORTHY Presented by GEOFFREY SAMSON, Esqr., 1960." (inscr. on plaque on stand)


Presented to the Garrick Club by Geoffrey Samson Esq., 1960
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