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Herbert Beerbohm Tree's Amethyst Seal


Mixed media



Height: 4.4cm
Width: 1.7cm
Depth: 1.4cm

Other materials

Amethyst and brass


"J'attends" (reversed on seal)


Given by Herbert Beerbohm Tree to Olivier Truman, 1904; given by her daughter to Leslie French, by whom presented to the Garrick Club, 1993

Other number

Gift 957

The seal was given to Olivia Truman in 1904: a letter dated 3 August 1904 from Gruenes Kreuz, Marienbad, reproduced in Truman's "Beerbohm Tree's Olivia" London, Andre Deutsch 1984 p21 records the gift:
"Dear Miss Truman,
You will, I hope, have not misunderstood my motives in not writing to thank you for many kind letters you have written to me, but believe me, I deeply appreciate the interest you have been good enough to take in me and my affairs. I am indeed grateful to you for much encouragement and I am proud of your good opinion.
You prettily suggested that I should send you some trfling remembrance that you could keep. I am sending you a very simple keepsake, on which you will perhaps have your seal engraved.
All has gone well this year, and now that you are growing up, I hope you are very happy.
Believe me, with renewed thanks for your kindness,
Yours sincerely,
Herbert Beerbohm Tree
I was much touched by what you wrote me as to the influence that I had been in your life. H.B.T."
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