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Jewellery/Accessories: M0067


Noel Coward's perfume atomiser


Mixed media



Height: 5.4cm
Width: 3.8cm
Depth: 1.1cm

Other materials

Gold and red enamel


"NOEL COWARD 16.12.62" (engr. on side); "SOUVENIR GUIDO", "CONSUL Amor", "W GERMANY" (manufacturers marks)


Presented to the Garrick Club by Florence Desmond, 1985

Other number

Gift 911

An entry in Noel Coward's diary [Ed. Graham Payn and Sheridan Morley, "The Noel Coward Diaries" 1982 p520] dated Thursday 20th December, tells us that he "became sixty-three on Sunday [16th - the date engraved on the side] and Gladys [Calthrop] gave a party - quite fun, but no party is one hundred per cent enjoyable if you neither drink nor smoke. However, I rose above it. It was a cheefully mixed bag. This perfume atomiser was presumably a birthday present.
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