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Swords: M0082


Edmund Kean's stage dagger


Mixed media



Richard III : Richard III


Height: 36cm
Width: 7.9cm
Depth: 3cm

Other materials

Handle and scabbard set with pink, green and white glass stones


Given by Esme Percy to Peter Bartlett; by whom presented to the Garrick Club, 1993

Other number

Gift 955

When Peter Bartlett presented the dagger to the Garrick Club he provided the following information:
"The dagger was given to Esme Percy when he was a very young actor. The donor is not known but it is likely to have been Herbert Beerbohm Tree when Esme Percy was acting for him in 'Nero' at His Majesty's Theatre.
When in turn I was a young actor Esme Percy directed me in a play and promised that one day he would hand the dagger to me. Eventually he gave it to me in 1957 a few weeks before his death.
When I worked with Sir John Gielgud on some film commentaries in 1971 I showed him the dagger. As a lifelong friend of Esme Percy he knew it well and acknowledged that it was indeed the one used by Edmund Kean."
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