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Walking sticks: M0091


Charles Kean's cane


Mixed media



Height: 93cm
Width: 2.6cm
Depth: 2.6cm

Other materials

Bamboo cane with semi-precious stone knob and gold bands


"Charles Kean January 18th 1859, died 22nd January 1868 / Presented by Charles Kean to Doctor Joy, July 1868. / Doctor J. Joy to E. Kiddle 9th May 1876. / E.H. Kiddle to James Fernandez 2nd April 1887." (engr: on bands)


Charles Kean; given by Mrs Kean after his death to Dr. J Joy, July 1868; Dr J Joy to E Kiddle 9 May 1876 who gave it to James Fernandez 2 April 1887. Presented to the Garrick Club by Mrs Fernadez in memory of her late husband, 1915

Other number

Gift 372
  • 2383
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