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John Lawrence Toole's Eyeglass


Mixed media



Height: 15.3cm
Width: 11cm

Other materials

Metal framed lens on a piece of string attached to a piece of card; dimensions of eyeglass: 4.5x3.5; with accompanying letters and signed photo


"TOOLE'S THEATRE / KING WILLIAM ST., STRAND." (printed in blue ink on card); "[illegible] J.L. Toole's [illegible] / The Eye glass to be taken with the Pork Pie and Cake. / From J.L. Toole to Ellen Terry - in 1898:" (hand written on card); "215 Kings Road / Chelsea - 28.11.17 / Sweet Grace Stowel! [?] / I'm sending you a pair of Eye Glasses for your Stall at the Savoy Fair - (It is from my Collection of Glasses) Will they be of value for the occasion? The dear "Toole" gave me 2 pairs, and so I can spare this pair - In greatest haste, excuse the scrawl from / Yours [illegible] / Ellen Terry: / My love to you:" (handwritten letter)


Given by J.L. Toole to Ellen Terry, 1898; by whom given to Grace Stowel[?]; presented to the Garrick Club by Mrs Adeline Genee Isith, 1940

Other number

Gift 588

The eyeglass is accompanied by a two page letter from Ellen Terry dated 3 [?] May 89, and a photograph signed "Richard Quain from Ellen Terry: / May 89:"
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