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The Seal of Shakespeare





Height: 14.2cm
Width: 11.7cm

Other materials

Impression in wax (2.8x2.8) on printed paper in small black frame


"The Seal of Shakespere [sic] / This seal, of which the above is an impression, was formerly in the possession of Sir W. DAVENANT; afterwards in that of DAVID GARRICK, whose widow gave it to the late S.G. KEMBLE. Mr. KEMBLE was for some years President of the SHAKESPERE [sic] CLUB, at Sunderland, in the County of Durham; and presented it to its now proprietor, who at the time alluded to, was Honorary Secretary to the Club. / He was assured by Mr. KEMBLE, -"It was a good profile miniature likeness of the Great Bard; and, no doubt, made by his express order." / Alexander Kirkaldy, / 30, Minories, London." (text on front); "Owned by OSMUND [illegible] (died 1901) Given to me by Godfrey Teal May, 1943, as a good luck charm for my [illegible] RHJ


See inscription; presented to the Garrick Club in memory of Godfrey Tearle by Rowen Hamer-Jones, 1985

Other number

Gift 914
  • 1865
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