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Snuff boxes/Cigarette cases: M0139


Lord Alfred Douglas's cigarette box





Height: 5cm
Width: 10.6cm
Depth: 10.9cm

Other materials

Silver cigarette box with soft wood interior


Bequeathed to the Garrick Club by the late Mrs Sheila Colman, 2002

The lid is engraved with the Douglas crest.
Mrs Colman (the donor) and her husband took in Lord Alfred Douglas in the last few months of his life, when he was destitute, and had been abandoned by his family. Through their efforts they procurred the annulment of his bankruptcy and, after his death in 1945, helped to promote his reputation as a fine poet particularly in the medium of Petrarchan Sonnetry. She suceeded her husband as the literary executor of Lord Alfred Douglas's Estate in 1988. She died in 2001.
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