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David Garrick's Fly Fishing Rod





Height: 501cm
Width: 2.9cm
Depth: 2.9cm

Other materials

Varnished wood with copper end and eyelets fastened with black thread; some damage to tip


"This rod belonged to Mr David Garrick the Actor and was given to the Revd Canon B… of Hanbury in Staffordshire in …" (pen & black ink on faded and worn label around butt); "THIS FLY ROD, ONCE THE PROPERTY OF / DAVID GARRICK / WAS PRESENTED TO THE GARRICK CLUB / BY THE FLY FISHERS CLUB / AS A SMALL TOKEN OF THEIR GRATITUDE / FOR THE KINDNESS AND HOSPITALITY SHEWN THEM / AFTER THEIR HOUSE WAS DESTROYED BY GERMAN BOMBS / IN APRIL 1941" (accompanying engraved plaque with crests of the Garrick Club & Fly Fishers Club)


Presented to the Garrick Club by the Flyfishers' Club, 1941

Other number

Gift 609

A note from Donald Sinden, now kept in the library reads:
"Garrick's Fishing Rod"
In 1968 a damaged label, barely legible - was stuck to the butt end of this rod. I attempted to read it under an ultra-violet light and it said,

'This rod belonged to Mr David Garrick the Actor and was given to the Revd Canon B... of Hanbury in Staffordshire in....'

My researches at the time showed that one Hugh Bailye was vicar of Hanbury from 1790 until his death in 1834. He is buried in the church. He was also a residentiary Canon of Litchfield Cathedral - which is of interest in that David Garrick was born in Litchfield.
There is no other Revd Canon B… of Hanbury who could be the man for whom we are looking for."
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