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Furniture: M0147


"Great Match 1871" trunk


Mixed media


Height: 49.5cm
Width: 104cm
Depth: 47.5cm

Other materials

Painted pine; iron fittings


"THE BILLIARD ROOM / Of The / Garrick Club / 'THE GREAT MATCH 1871'" (painted on front side)

The trunk is painted with a fanciful depiction of what the Billiard Room would have looked like in 1871. Although it depicts a billiard room with two tables the minutes of the General Committee for 1 January 1881 confirm that it was only in that year that it was agreed to add a second table to the Billiard Room, ensuing in its enlargement by subsuming the adjacent Steward's bedroom. The scene must be treated as a fabrication.
  • 2069
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