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Ceramics: M0217


Pearlware figure of Madame Vestris as the Broom Girl



height: 15cm
width: 6cm
depth: 4.2cm

Other number


A pearlware figure of Madame Lucia Elizabeth Vestris as the Broom Girl. She wears a yellow bodice over a patterened skirt and holds in her hand the brooms she is selling. She first sang this speciality song At the Haymarket Theatre, London in 1826.
‘The Broom Girl’ was a specialty song arranged by Alexander Lee, first introduced by Mme Vestris at a benefit for John Liston at the Haymarket Theatre on 18 September 1826. It was then inserted into R. B. Peake’s “The £100 Note” at Covent Garden in 1827. Vestris continued to offer this song in various places.
Mme Vestris, one of the most remarkable women in British stage history, was an excellent singer who had a major career in opera, and an engaging actress and innovative manager. She offered carefully planned and executed productions at the Olympic Theatre between 1831 and 1838. In the latter year she married the actor Charles James Mathews.
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