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Mr. H Johnston



Thompson, John P (Mr)Mitchell, Edward (Mr) [ Print made by ]
Singleton, Henry [ Copy after ]




height: 52.5cm
width: 36.5cm


"Mr. H. JOHNSTON in character of DOUGLAS"./ "Did not I fear to freeze they shallow valour,/ "And make thee sink too soon beneath my sword,/ "I' tell thee_what thou art_I know thee well"./ Ad. 4


Given as a gift from Barbara Cavanah, of Motley Books, in July 2016.

Engraving history

Engraved after a full length painting by Henry Singleton (location of painting unknown). The head and positioning of the hands is the same as G0333, also by Singleton.

Portrait of Henry Erskine Johnston in the role of Norval in John Home's 'Douglas', first performed in Edinburgh 1756. Johnston is depicted full length, standing in a rocky landscape with a river running behind him and to his right. At his feet bottom left is a helmet. Wearing a beastplate, skirt , armour plaid and sandals he looks into the distance on his right, both hands on his sword as if about to draw it (or sheath it). In the back ground is a castle. Johnston first played this role early in his career in 1794 in Dublin.
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