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Cigarette Card depicting a photograph of 'Madge Lessing'


height: 8cm
width: 5.5cm


'Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes'


Donated by a member in September 2018

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Bromide photographic cigarette card published by Ogdens for Ogden's Guinea Gold Tobbacco. Published between c.1899-1907. These belong to a set of 47 (24 of the larger size and 23 of the smaller size cards) depicting contemporary singers, dancers and actresses.

This card depicts the British born actress Madge Lessing (1866-1932). She was made famous by appearing in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by Klaw and Erlangder, and later went onto have a German silent film career.

Cigarette cards began life as a simple card used as a "stiffener" to help keep the cigarettes from damage. Tobacco companies soon realised that these could be used for advertisng and promoting brand loyalty and so began printing collectable pictures onto the "Stiffeners". Cigarette cards were produced in series of 25, 50, or 100 and the themes ranged from sport, entertainment, geography to personalities of the day.
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