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Sir Charles Wyndham and others in 'Bellamy the Magnificent'



Foulsham & Banfield


height: 25cm
width: 30cm


Presented by Michael Gaunt-Edwards, June 2021.

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(L-R) Sir Charles Wyndham as Lord Bellamy, Mr. Robert Loraine as Stephens, Mr. Paul Arthur as Mr. Spottit, in 'Bellamy the Magnificent' by Roy Horniman, New Theatre London, October 1908. An open trunk lies centre.

Cf. Play Pictorial Vol.13 No.76 p.14, where the caption reads "The Detective springs a mine on Stevens".
Cf. The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, November 7 1908, which elaborates: "Lord Bellamy (Sir Charles Wyndham), who depends largely on his "make-up" for his success with the fair, and entirely on his valet for his "make-up," is dismayed at the idea of losing his servant Stephens, and employs a priate detective (Mr. Paul Arthur) to falsely accuse the valet of concealing jewellery in his trunk. Having no means of proving his innocence, the servant withdraws his month's notice, and Lord Bellamy his charge of theft."
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