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Photographs: PH1098


Sir John Martin Harvey and others



height: 24cm
width: 29cm


Sir John Martin Harvey on R of man with beard


Presented by Michael Gaunt-Edwards, June 2021.

Other number


Court room scene. A group of 39 men and 1 woman (R) gathered in a court room. Sir John Martin Harvey sits behind desk in centre, to the right of a man with a beard.

Probably from 'Trial by Jury', by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan, as presented at the Ellen Terry Jubilee celebration on June 12, 1906. The performance included songs recitations, tableaux vivants, and scenes from Le Mariage Forcé, The Beauty of Bath, The School for Scandal, and Much Ado About Nothing. 'Trial by Jury' featured many illustrious performers, writers, playwrights of the day, including W.S. Gilbert himself, Rutland Barrington, Henry Lytton, Sir Francis Burnand, J. Comyns Carr, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Cosmo Hamilton, and many more.

Possible identities (L-R, bottom row seated): unknown, unknown, unknown, Rutland Barrington, J. Comyns Carr, Sir John Martin Harvey, Dion Boucicault Jr., Henry Lytton, W.S. Gilbert.
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