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Sculpture: S0014


David Garrick (?)





Unknown [ Copy by ]




Height: 18cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 7cm

Other materials

Coloured and painted wax mounted on oval glass disc; glass disc 25.5 x 19; frame 34 x 29 x 9.5


“This Wax Portrait of / David Garrick / came from the sale of / his house at Hampton at the death of / his wife. It was bought in 1890 / from the purchaser's widow. / who lived in the NEXT house to ME / F. W. Lockwood WED..”, in pen and ink (on label stuck on verso); “F. W. Lockwood F. S. A. / Appledore / Kent”, in pen and ink on a copy of W. Watt's view of Garrick's house at Hampton, published 1 November 1784; a copy of Garrick's book-plate is attached to verso


David Garrick; Mrs David Garrick; her sale, Christie's 23 June 1823; unknown buyer; his widow from whom purchased by J. W. Lockwood, 1890; F. H. Cripps-Day, by whom presented to the Garrick Club, 1930 ?

Other number

Gift 464 ?

Exhibition history

possibly the Wax sent to Holburne Museum Bath, 2003 (Sept-Dec), 'Every look Speaks: Portraits of David Garrick',.

The waistcoat, jacket, and hair are made of brown wax, the face is painted flesh colour, and the stock and shirt are of white wax. There has been a horizontal repair right across the face.
Identification with Garrick is not altogether convincing, but if Garrick is meant to be represented the inspiration is almost certainly Reynolds's Thrale portrait of 1776, the best surviving version of which is at Knole (see G0241).
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