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Sculpture: S0044


William Shakespeare (face mask cast from the Stratford monument)






Height: c.38cm
Width: c.28cm
Depth: c.10cm

Other materials

White mask on black mount;


Appended to the back of the frame was a label stating: “Shakespeare's Death Mask. Taken from the monument in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon. One of a small number of casts made by one Warner, in 1840, without authority, he was ordered to destroy the matrix and casts, which was duly done before witnesses, but a few survived; one of these was bequeathed by Mr. Kite, Parish Clerk at the time of the incident, to Mr. R. Savage, then librarian of the birthplace, and another is in the National Portrait Gallery. Extremely rare.”


Harold Rubenstein; Michael Rubenstein, who inherited from his father Harold Rubenstein; presented to the Garrick Club by Michael and Hilary Rubinstein, 1992

Other number

Gift 950

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