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Charles Kemble





Thomas Cromwell : Henry VIII


Harlow, George Henry [ Copy after ]


Height: 12.7cm
Width: 10cm

Other materials

Watercolour on ivory (reframed with modern mount)


Bought by Richard Bebb in the Old Town, Hastings, c. 1955

Related works

Mezzotint with title "CHARLES KEMBLE" but no other publication lines in C. B. Smith "Collection of Autograph Letters" Vol 2 p104, in the Garrick Club Library. The same picture was originally engraved by T Lupton, after Harlow and published by W Cripp on Feb 1st and Mar 1st 1819, reprinted in 1824. An engraving by J Sartain was published by R H Hobson in Philadelphia. One of these is most likely the closest source, rather than the full composition of the original oil on canvas or the Garrick Club copy [see G0750]

The sitter is shown half-length, seated at a table, facing front and holding a quill pen in his right hand. He wears a black coat with a brown sleeveless jerkin over it, and a white shirt with tasselled strings.
This single portrait is a copy of the figure of Charles Kemble found in the centre of the large canvas by George Henry Harlow that depicts the trial of Queen Katherine in Henry VIII, a version of which is in the Garrick Club. See G0750.
Kemble was one of the original members of the Garrick Club in 1831.
  • 1688
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