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Miniatures: B0176


Lewis Waller and Grace Lane


Mixed media



Monsieur Beaucaire : Monsieur Beaucaire
Lady Mary Carlyle : Monsieur Beaucaire



Height: 11.2cm
Width: 11cm

Other materials

Miniature print portraits in ovals (each 6x4.2), in a silver frame with leather reverse


‘MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE / APRIL 20th 1902. / WITH COMPLIMENTS FROM / Mr LEWIS WALLER & Mr FRANK CURZON’ (embossed on frame below); ‘COMEDY THEATRE / “MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE” 200th PERFORMANCE , / By B. Tarkington and E. G. Sutherland’ with cast list added (back)

A silver-haired Waller wears a blue coat with a black velvet trim, a white linen front and a high collar, and a black sash with a cross. Lane, with reddish-brown hair and curls, wears a white dress with a scooped neck and a rose at her bosom.
Waller first played Beaucaire at the Shakespeare Theatre in Liverpool on 6 October 1902 and then under his management at the Comedy Theatre on 25 October 1902. Tarkington’s very popular romantic novel (1900) was adapted for the stage by Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland and was a remarkable success at the Comedy, running over 400 performances. An outstanding romantic actor, Waller had an extensive career from 1883 to 1915, playing numerous roles. A dynamic actor with a wonderful voice, he excelled as Brutus, Faulconbridge, and Henry V. He managed the Imperial Theatre 1903-1906 and the Lyric Theatre 1986-1910. Monsieur Beaucaire was perhaps his greatest role. Grace Lane played Lady Mary Carlyle in the production at the Comedy. She had made earlier appearances in the provinces in Gilbert and Sullivan roles. Her debut on the London stage occurred on 11 June 1894 at the Islington Grand Theatre as Violet Fullerton in “Parallel Attacks”, and then in the West End at the Strand Theatre on 2 July 1894 as Elsie in “Our Flat”. She enjoyed a long career in numerous roles into the 1940s, appearing with the Donald Wolfit company as Gertrude in “Hamlet” in 1944.
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