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Miniatures: G0826


Lucia Elizabeth Vestris in allegorical character






Height: 17.1cm
Width: 12cm

Other materials

Watercolour on ivory


"Childe" (b. l.)


Duke of Cambridge; Rear-Admiral Sir Adolphus Fitz George, by whom presented to the Garrick Club, 1910

Other number

CKA 542
Gift 345

Exhibition history

1958 London, Arts Council, St James's Square, "Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 100th Anniversary"

Mme Vestris floats in the clouds, a wand in her right hand, her left elegantly pinching the gauze that floats over her shoulder. She wears a low-cut dress with puff sleeves and a large jewel at the waist. On her left wrist is a double stranded pearl bracelet.
Her distinguished career on the English stage included singing and acting in burlesque and light comedies, excelling in the roles of fashionable ladies, and managing the Olympic Theatre from 1830, and later the Lyceum, with strong discipline. She is credited with many improvements in scenery and accurate costume, and introducing the box-set, with realistic ceiling, in 1832. In 1838 she married one of her actors, Charles James Mathews.
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